Morris Lee Literature

Morris Group International Brands


Acorn Vac

Vacuum Plumbing Systems. Used when conventional plumbing is not possible. For condensate, grey and black water.


Acorn Engineering

Terrazzo, Solid Surface and Stainless Steel Fixtures. Used in security, recreation educational and health care facilities.

Acorn Control logo

ConTrols by MGI

Thermostatic & Pressure Balancing Valves. Point of use, central systems (including digital systems) used in all project types.

Safety Mfg logo

Safety Mfg by MGI

Emergency Equipment, Thermostatic Mixing Valves – Safety Products

Chronomite Logo


Instantaneous HW Heaters (Electric Only)

Elmdor logo


Access Doors and Roof Hatches (replaces what we had with Acudor)

Smith Logo

Jay R Smith

Jay R Smith – Drainage Products. Floor /roof drains, cleanouts, trench drains, stainless steel drains, trap seal primer systems (both manual & electronic panels).

Smith Fluid Logo

Smith Fluid Controls

Trap Seal Primer Valves, manual and electronic controlled and accessories.

Murdock Logo

Murdock Mfg

Hydrants and Showers for both indoor and outdoor use.

Neo-Metro logo


Commercial/Retail Fixtures (stainless steel & solid surface materials)

Whitehall Manufacturing Logo

Whitehall Mfg

Healthcare/Mental Health related fixtures (lav’s, toilets, showers and scrub sinks), Faucets and Accessories.

Engineered Solutions Logo

Engineered Solutions

deals with Steam related products, Rainwater Harvesting Packages and QuantumFlo Booster Pump Solutions.

T & S logo

T&S Brass and Bronze Works

Manual & Electronic Brass faucets for commercial, healthcare, educational, food service, Institutional and retail type projects.

Canadian Gas Safety Logo

Canadian Gas Safety

Gas (natural gas/propane) leak detection, CO detection with ventilation control, emergency monitoring and shut-off systems. Laboratory, Commercial Kitchen and Boiler/Mechanical Room Applications.